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My Morning Of Customer Service Re-Thinking

The Friday morning commute was bright and early, I needed to be in my seat in Lake Oswego for a 7:30 am training session on customer service.

I was invited to attend by the speaker, David Aaker, of Aaker & Associates, a recognized national speaker and workshop leader on customer service, and a Chamber of Commerce President and CEO for over 20 years. I was lucky enough to meet David through Mike Osorio, the retail strategist and consultant, blogger of Dare To Be Contagious(tm), and Principal of the Orsorio Group.

David’s presentation confirmed once again that customer service is more than a goal, it is a constant process hat requires work. Of course, David made the two-hour presentation anything but work; he told great stories and presented lists of actions to take. But the big take-away of the morning was a refocus on the need to begin and continue communicating with your customer.

“Customer communication” is a theme I hear time and again, and it’s also a theme that I work on with my clients, helping them communicate with their customers. Customer communcation is even more important these days with the ubiquity of cell phiones, text message and other electronic methods of communication.

One poor customer experience can be instantly communicated to a dozen people, where ten years ago it might take a week or so and the bruisd experience might have passed beyond immediate recollection.

After the presentation, Michelle Rios, the executive and leadership coach, and the principal of Igniting Excellence, and I were fortunate to join David and Mike for lunch and continued the discussion on customer service. I’ll save insights on that conversation for later.

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