About Mike Mathews

Why “Dance Among Elephants”?

Because that’s what small business does all day. I know because I’ve worked in both small business and large corporations. If you aren’t dancing around a big elephant competitor, then you are dancing with a big elephant customer. Either way, you need to be nimble.

Small business is a dangerous world and there’s always another elephant around the corner. Some competitor is always bigger, stronger, smarter, with more resources and capability–well, maybe not smarter, you are reading this, after all.

All that adds up to our working more effectively; looking at things differently; finding the sweet spot; enhancing the benefits; romancing our customers; and becoming the best choice for our business type.

So let’s take this journey together. I’ll write, you write back. You can even write first by sending me an email. We’ll have a conversation and maybe make more business.

Along the way, I’ll hook you up with more friends; people I find interesting, people who are much more interesting than I. You’ll find many of them in the blog roll, I encourage you to check them out and consider what they have to say.


3 responses to “About Mike Mathews

  1. Damoun

    Hi Mike,

    do u have a grandcentral invite you can send me?

    Thanks you,

    Damoun D

  2. Mike, great blog you have here! I’ve read through it and you have some truly valuable information for small business owners like myself. If you have any advice for small fine art landscape photography business, please let me know as I’m always looking to improve my business and you seem to be a wonderful resource for finding more information.
    Keep up the Great Work,
    Mike Putnam

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